Fresh Brewed Playlist #2

Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew!

“Y.T.D (Year to Date)” by Madeline is the perfect, beautifully bittersweet song that you need to jumpstart this new year. Her lyrics describe the dreaded feeling of drifting apart from those you were once close to and the hope that maybe some day you’ll unite again. “And I know sometimes, it just ends up this way,
go from friends to a feeling tied to a name,” the Los Angeles based singer captures the loneliness while proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in pop.

“Y.T.D (Year to Date)” directed by J. Logan Alexander

Omar Apollo’s brand-new single “Invincible” featuring Daniel Caesar off of his upcoming album Ivory is a vocal showcase for both artists as they explore the complexities of a lost love. “If I were to go, tell me would you notice me,” Caesar’s heavenly vocals open the track and instantly remind the listeners of that longing for their lover’s affection and the emptiness that is felt when it’s not returned. Along with the previously released singles “Bad Life” and “Go Away”, 2022 is set to be a huge year for Apollo once Ivory is released on April 8th.

“Invincible”- Directed by STILLZ

“When You Lose Someone” by Nina Nesbitt details the aftermath of lost love and the toll it takes on every aspect of your life. The Scottish singer first teased the song on her TikTok and after an outpouring of support by her passionate fans, has finally released the beautifully produced ballad. Nesbitt’s vocals are stunning over the piano laced track, striking right for the heart in lines like “it’s not something that just fades overnight, it’s something that stays for the rest of your life“. It’s a reminder that time can only heal our wounds, along with beautifully written songs by Nina Nesbitt.

Lyric Video: Natalie Sakstrup

Lyric of the week: “Those weekends at the beach made me feel ugly, But now all I can see is how you loved me“- Aly & AJ in “Way Way Back”

Check out the rest of the songs featured on Fresh Brewed #2 below!

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