Review- Amber Mark’s ‘Three Dimensions Deep’

Amber Mark’s brand new album ‘Three Dimensions Deep’ is out now.

Now this is how you craft an era.

The age of streaming has given artists the opportunity to release singles with such ease and velocity that the significance of an album can sometimes fall short. Off the top of my head, only recent releases by Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd have successfully been able to achieve what all artists once strived for. Every single release feels like an event.

But now Amber Mark has done the same.

“Worth It”- Directed by Amber Mark & Cara Stricker

It all began in April of 2021 with the release of the album’s first single “Worth It” which set the tone of all that was to come. Mark says the song is “meant to help you pick yourself up again and remind you just how worthy you are of happiness”.

Three Dimensions Deep takes its listeners on a 17-track journey into the cosmos as Mark searches for answers amongst the universe over impeccably produced R&B and soul influenced beats. The 28-year-old singer finds triumph within the sadness, as she grieves both the loss of a relationship and the life of her mother.

“Every single minute kills me, I know I’m healing,” Mark sings on “Healing Hurts”, her tone an aching rasp. “But healing hurts right now.”

“Competition” – directed by Amber Mark & Cara Stricker

Mark’s visuals are stunning as well, creating an atmosphere to match each single with style and poise. On the video for album standout “Competition”, which Mark codirected herself, every frame is like high level art- from its locations to its choreography. Every movement is purposeful, every shot is evocative.

Atmospheric, confident, and enigmatic- Three Dimensions Deep is a powerfully cohesive debut that never loses sight of its purpose, whether she is tossing men aside or questioning the purpose of humanity. Amber Mark has found her path, passing her wisdom down to us and sending her listeners out into our own cosmos to find our truths.

“Bliss”- Directed by Amber Mark and Satya Zoa Hyllested

Three Dimensions Deep is out now on all streaming platforms!