Fresh Brewed Playlist #8

JUNG’s song “Waste My Heart” is off of their new album ‘Cause in the End You Know That Everybody Dies’

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a black tea lemonade!

The haunting melodies of JUNG’s song “Waste My Heart” are a standout among the band’s incredibly strong album Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies, which was released back in February. “You came to me and I was hopeless too, against all the odds we felt something new, so when you’re close to running out of fuel, just let me know so I can work for two,” the duo made up of Tom and Henrik Ljungqvist show a true vulnerability on the bridge. Upon first listen, I found myself lost in a trance- taking in every bit of production, songwriting and the magical atmosphere they had to offer. All at once, it feels both classic and fresh. Now excuse me as I listen to it another 27 times in a row.

“Good Again” by Sofia Quinn is a beautifully raw, introspective ode to her younger self and the path she has taken in order to heal. “I just wanna get passed this guilt, all the trauma that I never let heal, or at least one day know that I will,” she sings on the chorus of the hope she holds for her future. Quinn co-produced the track with Noby Sidez, and the singer’s voice has never sounded better- performing vocal acrobatics in the final 45 seconds that prove her to be a force to be reckoned with in pop music.

Lyric of the week: “It’s cold tonight, so you sleeping over, right?, Texting me, told you come have sex with me, respectfully, I think about you sexually”- Role Model in “neverletyougo”

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Fresh Brewed Playlist #3

Role Model’s new single artwork for “if jesus saves, she’s my type”

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a comforting cup of Ginger tea.

Role Model has released a new track, “if jesus saves, she’s my type”, along with the announcement of his debut album RX which is set to be released on April 8th. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter, known for his brutally honest and often humorously relatable lyrics, continues to deliver what his listeners have come to expect from each subsequent release. “If I die, know she’s takin’ the wheel,” he croons over the bouncy synthesizer with a playful twist on “Jesus Take the Wheel”.

“if jesus saves, she’s my type”- Directed by Dylan Knight

Y’all make it more about the stain than who actually spilled,” ihateyouALX’s flow on his newest track “Consequences” is so smooth, it grabs you right from the first verse. The West Coast rapper’s complex lyrics are a standout over the laid-back production and demand to be intently listened to. Sit down, vibe, and take note of this rising artist who promises much more to come.

“Consequences”- Cinematography by Gage Garza

“Headphones” by Maude Latour is her self-professed love letter to music, writing in an Instagram Post that it’s an “ode to following your divine light, and your inner voice”. The 21-year-old celebrates the utter joy that comes from creating something that is completely your own and the power that comes from the moments she can put her headphones in and listen to her own art. The pop track is a reminder to take pride in what you give to the world, and frankly there’s nothing more powerful than that.

“Headphones”- Directed by Steven Mertens

Lyric of the week: “I bet you hope that we’re friends and I just hope you’re dead“- “ily <3” by Sipper

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