Review: Oceanic’s “No, Human”

Oceanic’s debut album “No, Human” is out now!

Oceanic have finally released their long-awaited debut album No, Human– a perfect blend of bangers and emotional weight that deserves to be heard by the world. A rock band with pop sensibility, the East Coast based band have crafted a sound that one can only describe as magical.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the band in May of 2022 where they originally teased this album, saying that it captures what Oceanic is more fully—which is terribly exciting to us. Essentially, it’s got more bangers, more breadth of emotion, more wide varieties of sounds. Honestly, we just can’t wait for it to be out.

“Fooled By You” is a funky, up-tempo banger that is sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys bands like COIN and The 1975. The production is sleek with the layering on each instrument so perfectly done, you can pinpoint every single band member’s contribution. From Sam Goodwin’s bass to Jacob Johnson’s guitar- these are musicians of the highest level. The track is filled with great lyricism as well, with lines like “innocence is temporary, welcome to the truth,” piercing you through the heart when you least expect it.

“Fooled By You” by Oceanic

An absolute standout amongst the tracklist is “Taylor”, a song that demands to be heard live from the moment the track begins. “The tears and drinks go down, so let me sing you my sad song,” lead vocalist Nathan Wyatt’s voice soars in the final chorus as the production builds into an explosion of sound. If you close your eyes while listening, it feels like the kind of stadium anthem meant to be blasted at the highest decibel- a Coldplay caliber banger. The kind of music that makes you want to sob your eyes out while pulling a muscle in your neck from all of the headbanging.

“Taylor” by Oceanic

“Skydive” feels like an instant classic- the kind of song that a band of this level will be begged to perform for a long time to come. The piano is gorgeously haunting, with a melody that feels so right that it left me wondering how I’ve gone my entire life without it. “Face down, I wanted to fly. Here now I want you to try,” the chorus feels transcendent- especially as the heavenly final chorus draws to a close and your life feels that much richer for it.

“Skydive” by Oceanic

“When You Fall”, like so many of their songs, is an absolute banger with quite philosophical lyrics and an energy that feels like pure adrenaline. “Every time the world is wrong, we see it crystal clear but we maintain the illusion, that we all know why we’re here,” is a fantastic representation of the undercurrent of depth found throughout this album. On the surface, each song feels like the best an alternative pop band can offer but with every subsequent listen- the writing proves Oceanic to be a step above your average band.

“When You Fall” by Oceanic

The album’s title track “No, Human” tackles the complexity of being a human being, layered over a funky production that truly highlights the drums so precisely that you can feel every beat. Nathan’s vocals carry a grit to them here which sits so insanely well with these melodies. “I don’t know why it’s such a journey just to feel alive,” is perhaps my favorite piece of writing on this entire project- which speaks wonders to the overall quality throughout.

“No, Human” by Oceanic

From the moment that “Skin” begins, it feels like instant magic. The blend of guitar along with the rest of the production is top notch- reminiscent of the way “Medicine” by The 1975 makes me feel with every listen. Musicality cannot be taught and the way each member of this band contributes to this track is art that inspires you to want to create something of your own. “What’s the point of ripping out your insides if it’s just another story.”

“Skin” by Oceanic

“Balance” serves as the perfect interlude to prepare us for the final track “Cry” which is another highlight from this incredible album. “Cry” left me in its wake, desperately wishing for what is next and yet perfectly content with this ending. I found myself unable to move on easily from this final song- repeating it 3 times in a row before I could truly process what I’d heard. That final crescendo brought tears to my eyes- a culmination of all that came before it. All at once emotional and absolutely massive, a finely painted portrait that makes you grateful to be alive.

“Cry” by Oceanic

It’s very rare for any album, let alone a debut to be completely skipless, cohesive, and absolutely enthralling- but Oceanic have exceeded every expectation here with No, Human. Art like this demands to be both listened to and soaked in to allow every intricate detail to fully set in- the kind of art that in turn raises the caliber for what a smaller act is capable of. This is music of the highest degree that should make bigger acts with a more global soundscape step up their work, because Oceanic are on their way to completely take over the world.

No, Human is out now on all streaming services.

“No, Human” is out now


Fresh Brewed Playlist #12

Carol Ades’ new single “26” is out now!

Carol Ades’ long awaited new single “26” is a beautifully crafted anthem for anyone feeling lost in life. From the moment I heard the first snippets on her TikTok, I knew this song was somehow made exactly for me. The ways in which Ades describes that in-between state of your mid-twenties where the transition from childhood to adulthood truly hits is universally relatable. “Oh, I’m freaking out, trying not to turn this car right around, cos there ain’t a feeling I’m not tryna fix, I’m not a grown-up but I’m not a kid, it hurts every time I’m reminded, I’m not dying, I’m just 26,” she sings on the chorus. The production choices are simply gorgeous as the track continues to build into the second chorus’ crescendo, but it’s the simplicity of the outro that make it unforgettable. Carol Ades has already had an accomplished career as a songwriter but it’s about time she gets the credit she deserves- she’s an absolute star.

“26” by Carol Ades

“Ruby Sparks” is another standout release by a rising artist named Monét Ngo who proves himself to be a force to be reckoned with on this track (which is only the second song he’s ever released btw). According to his Instagram, the song came to him in a dream- and the mysteriously seductive production captures that dream like haze quite perfectly. While listening, I was reminded so beautifully of little hints of Joji, Ryan Beatty and even the one and only Frank Ocean- and yet Ngo is very much his own artist. The song was already pretty much perfect and then the final minute began- with the switch up in production slowing down the beat and adding a reverb to his vocals that truly skyrocketed it to perfection. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a brand-new artist that made me desperate for whatever is next- and Monét Ngo should know I’ll be waiting desperately.

“Ruby Sparks”- Directed by Natasha Abdul

Oceanic’s new single “Walt” is yet another incredible release from the Indie pop band who have gained quite a lot of success over the last few years. Like all of their songs, “Walt” is beautifully written and gives the listeners the opportunity to think on what it means to be in love. Named after Walt Disney, the song examines the ideas we have of love based upon the shows and movies we grow up watching and how they mess up our own view of the love we experience in our lives. “My love right now is missing some perfection, if the silver screens are true,” they sing on the pre-chorus, questioning their own experiences based upon the expectations fed to us. It’s not something that is always made obvious to us, but there are things that we are made to feel that we are required to say and do, which can make romance feel a bit more calculated than it really should be. It’s what Oceanic always do best, they get you bopping first and before you know it, you’re in deep thought- which is truly what I love about them. “Walt” is the latest single from their upcoming album No, Human and you can check out my interview with the band from back in May here!

“Walt” by Oceanic

Check out the rest of the songs featured on Fresh Brewed #12 below!

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Oceanic Talk Debut Album and New Single “Alone”

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nathan Wyatt from the East Coast based indie pop band Oceanic about their newest single “Alone”, their upcoming debut album and some East Coast tour dates. Check out what he had to say below!

Brew Music Friday: Congratulations on the release of “Alone”! For any new listeners, how would you guys describe your sound?

That’s definitely the hardest question in the world. We’re somewhere between WALK THE MOON, The 1975, and Coldplay. Probably. I could be wrong about that. I’d call us indie pop for people who also like U2. 

BMF: Who are some of your musical influences?

Coldplay, The Killers, The 1975, Harry Styles, Caroline Polachek, Dua Lipa, Brian Eno, Oneohtrix Point Never, just to name a few. Obviously we’re products of the Streaming Age, so it’s hard to condense!

BMF: How long have you all been playing together? 

Me (Nathan) and Jacob have been playing together for about six years as Oceanic, and Sam has been in the band for about five years. Joseph actually just joined last year! Though we’ve been playing shows on and off with him for around 3 years. 

BMF: You said your debut album “No, Human” will be released sometime soon. When can fans expect to hear the full project?

Our debut album is set to release in early January 2023!

BMF: You’ve said before that you hope to make listeners look inward when listening to your music. What do you hope they take out of “Alone”?

I think I’d love for them to consider the way we all act toward other people, and how that can have a deep, lasting effect. The warm or cold way we interact with people can make them feel seen and loved, or shunned and alone.

I’d love for people to consider that the way we treat other people should be constantly on the front of our minds as one of the most important things in the whole universe. I hope to get better and better at that.

And I hope they hear some sounds they like. 🙂

BMF: You all just played Charlotte Shout a few weeks back. What was that experience like?

Charlotte Shout was so great! It had high production value, an enormous stage, and a crew that worked very hard to make it happen. We’re very grateful to have played a festival that is so special to Charlotte. Can’t wait for next year! 

BMF: Can fans look forward to a tour?

We’ve got a ton of dates coming up all up and down the east coast! If folks keep up with our social media we’ll be posting about everything that’s coming together. We’re playing more shows this year than we ever have before, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

BMF: What sets “No, Human” apart from your previous EP “Angel”?

“No, Human” has larger breadth sonically and thematically. It’s all new songs, and obviously it’s longer than the “Angel” EP, so we are able to be way more creative with it. Essentially it captures what Oceanic is more fully—which is terribly exciting to us. Essentially, it’s got more bangers, more breadth of emotion, more wide varieties of sounds. Honestly, we just can’t wait for it to be out. The next single off of it will be called “Walt,” and it’ll be coming in May.

Make sure you follow Oceanic on their Instagram and other socials to stay up to date on upcoming releases and more tour dates to come! Up next you can check them out at Sonic Movement Festival in Charlotte, NC on May 14th!