Madeleine Mayi Talks New Single “SNAP”

Madeleine Mayi’s new single “SNAP” is out now.

Here at Brew Music Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking with singer-songwriter Madeleine Mayi about the meaning behind her new single “SNAP”, her creative process and some artists she’d love to collaborate with someday. Check it out below!

Brew Music Friday: Congrats on your new song “SNAP”! It’s another beautiful release. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

Madeleine Mayi : Thank you so much!! Means a lot. This song is a nostalgic reflection on first love. And more specifically about how time changes your perception of things, even when they felt totally consuming at the time. The reason this came about is because I started going back to therapy and so much old stuff came up. I just felt like it was time.

BMF: You’ve really developed a sound unlike any artist I’ve heard so far. For anyone unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your sound?

Madeleine: Well that’s a big compliment. I would say my overall genre is kind of indie pop/rock with a big focus on nostalgia. I know I just mentioned that in my previous answer, but I want to make music that feels really timeless, and I keep that in mind when choosing what to say and how to present it.

BMF: What’s your creative process like?

Madeleine: My creative process is all centered around alone time. In everything. I need alone time to write, or to think about what I want to write about in a session, I need to think about how a song should be displayed visually, how I feel the meaning of the song should reflect in the production etc etc. and another huge part of it has been surrounding myself with collaborators I trust and can experiment with. My worst nightmare is to be stuck in one method and never evolve my art, and my team really helps with exploring new things when I don’t know how to do it myself.

BMF: In 2021 your released your album “2/14”, which you described as a project about grief and healing. Are “for a second” and “SNAP” a part of another upcoming project?

Madeleine: I have some more singles coming out, but definitely got something fun in mind after that…

BMF: Are there any artists who you would like to work with?

Madeleine: Oh my gosh so many. I’d love to work with BENEE, Nightly, and then I mean… James Blake for sure, and Taylor Swift. Jack Antonoff. So many many people come to mind

BMF: What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

Madeleine: Music has always been the way i can express my feelings most clearly, and see myself clearly too. sometimes I’ll write a song and listen back and realize that I didn’t even know I felt so strongly/a certain way about something. It’s also the thing I am most excited to give people.

Brew Music Friday: Do you have any live shows planned? 

Madeleine: Yes!! I have not officially announced it yet but I am planning a big LA show for the first week of may. The lineup is gonna be insane, I’m so excited!

You can follow Madeleine on her Twitter and her Instagram to keep up with any announcements and more! Check out her newest release “SNAP” on all streaming platforms now.


Fresh Brewed Playlist #6

Tayler Buono’s new single “Keep Hoping” is out now!

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a black tea and fresh lemon!

Used to be a hopeless romantic, now I try to hope less cause damn it you made it hard for me,” Tayler Buono lays it all on the line on the chorus of her newest single “Keep Hoping”. The new track is a part of her upcoming project called “How to Get Through a Breakup” with each release representing another stage of the process. Buono’s voice is like an open wound on the light indie pop production, but her lyrics remain hopeful in the bridge with lines like “Someday I will find someone who doesn’t say goodbye, the girl who wasn’t scared to jump will remember what it’s like“. Instant chills.

Katherine Li’s new track “We Didn’t Even Date” chronicles the reeling of one-sided heartbreak, from the pain of thinking that her feelings aren’t valid to still wishing things could be different between her and the person she loves. The lyrics hit home for anyone who has ever been in such a “situationship” or fallen for someone who never loved them back. This is a song for those who never got their perfect movie ending- with lines like “Wish I could just take it all back, didn’t date but we might as well have“. Yeah um… I’ve definitely never been there before- *cries*.

Lyric of the week: “You were my first to last, full weight on the gas, stretching thin- we finally snap“- Madeleine Mayi in “SNAP”

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Fresh Brewed Playlist #4

Madeleine Mayi’s new single “for a second” is out now

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a cold brew (splash of oatmilk of course)!

Madeleine Mayi’s newest release “for a second” is a heart wrenching song about knowing that something isn’t good for you anymore but wanting to hold onto it anyway. The track comes just under the 2-minute mark and Mayi captures the story seamlessly with lyrics that read like poetry. Frankly this is what music should be, leaving you in its wake begging for more and feeling everything along the way.

Rachel Sandy’s debut album I Am Everybody was released back in December, and its standout track “Autumn Rain” is nothing less than cinematic. The 18-year-old sings with soul beyond her years over gripping lyrics like “she feels like rain in autumn, like the earth before a storm“. If this is what she’s capable of now, the future of music is blessed with what’s to come.

“We Broke Up” by STRUAN is ready to be your newest breakup anthem. As detailed in a series of TikTok’s, the singer’s ex-girlfriend got engaged just 4 weeks after the end of their relationship which helped inspire his newest track. The tongue in cheek lyrics bring lots of personality to the pop-punk production that demands to be blasted in your car. Perhaps most refreshing is the fact that the singer accepts responsibility for the actions that may have led to their breakup in lines like “Feels like I’m somehow to blame for her needing someone to save her“.

Lyric of the week: “Lies like a sailor, but he loves like a painter“- Caroline Polacheck in “Billions”

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