Fresh Brewed Playlist #7

Dezi’s new single “Seen” is out now!

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with an iced vanilla oatmilk latte!

Dezi’s intimate new single “Seen” is a beautifully written ode to a partner who is struggling to open up fully. Dezi’s voice is the centerpiece among the laid-back production, which is a welcome change of pace after a string of badass, vibey singles. There’s an emotional, raw undertone to the lyrics about the power that the singer’s partner holds over her with lines like “Darlin’ I would wait for you, but I know you don’t want me to. You could break me, and I’d buy the glue, but I’ll settle for a notch on your bedpost“. Despite her willingness to give them her all, she’s prepared to let them go if they are too scared to let her in. Dezi’s honesty is a gift and I think many listeners will find comfort within her sound.

“Love On TV” is another beautiful release by Nigerian born and Texas raised duo KAIRO, who are made up of identical twin brothers named Ej and Ak. The song reflects on the impact that the romances featured in TV and movies can have on our own notions of love. Their harmonies are absolutely beautiful, even reminiscent of classic vocal arrangements by Boys II Men. “I’ll never go, you’ll never be alone, now we’re just actors on a canceled show,” the duo question the point of love if we are all just set to fall short of the examples we are raised on. Along with their debut single “Someone Like You”, their upcoming EP Love Letters From Houston which is set to be released on May 25th, is set to be a melodic marvel.

Director by Jack McDonald

Love You Later’s brand new single “Keepintouch” has long been teased on her TikTok and the pop masterpiece is finally here! The singer says that she wrote the song during a really confusing, isolating time where I had to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel content and connected with myself, my emotions, my reality, the world and everyone in it.” The song’s chorus is ready to be screamed at the top of your lungs and I dare anyone to listen to it once and not have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Lyric of the week: “We were in love under the sun now it’s getting colder, I’ll be the one, I’ll be the one with you when it’s over“- Dreamer Boy in “Over Everything”

Check out the rest of the songs featured on Fresh Brewed #7 below!

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