Fresh Brewed Playlist #6

Tayler Buono’s new single “Keep Hoping” is out now!

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a black tea and fresh lemon!

Used to be a hopeless romantic, now I try to hope less cause damn it you made it hard for me,” Tayler Buono lays it all on the line on the chorus of her newest single “Keep Hoping”. The new track is a part of her upcoming project called “How to Get Through a Breakup” with each release representing another stage of the process. Buono’s voice is like an open wound on the light indie pop production, but her lyrics remain hopeful in the bridge with lines like “Someday I will find someone who doesn’t say goodbye, the girl who wasn’t scared to jump will remember what it’s like“. Instant chills.

Katherine Li’s new track “We Didn’t Even Date” chronicles the reeling of one-sided heartbreak, from the pain of thinking that her feelings aren’t valid to still wishing things could be different between her and the person she loves. The lyrics hit home for anyone who has ever been in such a “situationship” or fallen for someone who never loved them back. This is a song for those who never got their perfect movie ending- with lines like “Wish I could just take it all back, didn’t date but we might as well have“. Yeah um… I’ve definitely never been there before- *cries*.

Lyric of the week: “You were my first to last, full weight on the gas, stretching thin- we finally snap“- Madeleine Mayi in “SNAP”

Check out the rest of the songs featured on Fresh Brewed #6 below!

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