Fresh Brewed Playlist #5

Khalid’s new single “Last Call” is out now!

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a strawberry acai refresher!

“Last Call” is Khalid’s newest release, commemorating a celebration of the five-year anniversary of his first album American Teen. The 24-year-old singer’s voice has never sounded better, with his tone gliding smoothly over Digi’s production which sets the single as your next late night driving jam. “In this world full of hatred, somehow I feel your innocence,” Khalid sings of a love worth waiting for in this melancholic track that leaves his listeners begging for his next full-length release.

Brooklyn based singer, songwriter and producer Sadie’s single “4am” is an astonishing debut. The sadness-tinged dance track is sure to impress the likes of Charli XCX fans as Sadie dissects a relationship in which both partners are unable to cope and admit to their problems. In a statement on her Spotify page, she said that she “imagines the interior worlds of two people driving around in the middle of the night, leaving everything between them unsaid“.

“Dude”, Melbourne based singer RARIA’s latest single expresses the frustrations of a “situationship” in which her partner called her “dude” after sex. “I hate that I don’t know where this something is going, but not enough to stop it, so I keep falling,” her relatable lyrics carry a weight to them over the catchy pop melodies. Describing the inspiration behind the track, she says that “he would treat me like his partner, talk about our future together, but he was always emotionally unavailable; sometimes that can make you want a person even more“. I bet he’ll see how much he lost as this future superstar’s recognition continues to rise.

Lyric of the week: “One day I’ll just be a memory and you’ll be better“- Matt Hansen in “better off without me”

Check out the rest of the songs featured on Fresh Brewed #5 below!

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