Fresh Brewed Playlist #4

Madeleine Mayi’s new single “for a second” is out now

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a cold brew (splash of oatmilk of course)!

Madeleine Mayi’s newest release “for a second” is a heart wrenching song about knowing that something isn’t good for you anymore but wanting to hold onto it anyway. The track comes just under the 2-minute mark and Mayi captures the story seamlessly with lyrics that read like poetry. Frankly this is what music should be, leaving you in its wake begging for more and feeling everything along the way.

Rachel Sandy’s debut album I Am Everybody was released back in December, and its standout track “Autumn Rain” is nothing less than cinematic. The 18-year-old sings with soul beyond her years over gripping lyrics like “she feels like rain in autumn, like the earth before a storm“. If this is what she’s capable of now, the future of music is blessed with what’s to come.

“We Broke Up” by STRUAN is ready to be your newest breakup anthem. As detailed in a series of TikTok’s, the singer’s ex-girlfriend got engaged just 4 weeks after the end of their relationship which helped inspire his newest track. The tongue in cheek lyrics bring lots of personality to the pop-punk production that demands to be blasted in your car. Perhaps most refreshing is the fact that the singer accepts responsibility for the actions that may have led to their breakup in lines like “Feels like I’m somehow to blame for her needing someone to save her“.

Lyric of the week: “Lies like a sailor, but he loves like a painter“- Caroline Polacheck in “Billions”

Check out the rest of the songs featured on Fresh Brewed #4 below!

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