Fresh Brewed Playlist #4

Madeleine Mayi’s new single “for a second” is out now

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a cold brew (splash of oatmilk of course)!

Madeleine Mayi’s newest release “for a second” is a heart wrenching song about knowing that something isn’t good for you anymore but wanting to hold onto it anyway. The track comes just under the 2-minute mark and Mayi captures the story seamlessly with lyrics that read like poetry. Frankly this is what music should be, leaving you in its wake begging for more and feeling everything along the way.

Rachel Sandy’s debut album I Am Everybody was released back in December, and its standout track “Autumn Rain” is nothing less than cinematic. The 18-year-old sings with soul beyond her years over gripping lyrics like “she feels like rain in autumn, like the earth before a storm“. If this is what she’s capable of now, the future of music is blessed with what’s to come.

“We Broke Up” by STRUAN is ready to be your newest breakup anthem. As detailed in a series of TikTok’s, the singer’s ex-girlfriend got engaged just 4 weeks after the end of their relationship which helped inspire his newest track. The tongue in cheek lyrics bring lots of personality to the pop-punk production that demands to be blasted in your car. Perhaps most refreshing is the fact that the singer accepts responsibility for the actions that may have led to their breakup in lines like “Feels like I’m somehow to blame for her needing someone to save her“.

Lyric of the week: “Lies like a sailor, but he loves like a painter“- Caroline Polacheck in “Billions”

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Review- Luke Hemmings’ “When Facing the Things We Turn Away From”

Album Artwork

When Facing the Things We Turn Away From, is an album that punches a hole in your chest, grabs hold of your heart, and promises to never let go. Not that you’d ever want it to.

Luke Hemmings has achieved what most artists can merely dream of, crafting a cohesive, dreamlike soundscape to explore themes of growing up, isolation, and the fear of losing all that you love. Hemmings’ cowriter and producer on almost every track, Sammy Witte, creates an atmospheric tension that builds upon the foundation of classic rock.

Despite being his debut solo album, Hemmings is no stranger to the music industry- having spent the last decade as the lead singer for the popular band 5 Seconds of Summer. Now he’s getting personal, letting the listeners in for perhaps the first time on this 12-track journey.

“Starting Line”- Directed by Scottie Cameron

It all began with “Starting Line”, the lead single which tracks Hemmings’ experience throughout the years in the music industry. Despite his worldwide success with the band, Luke feels as if a part of his youth has been taken from him. “Standing on the sun and I don’t feel a thing“, the Australian singer is apathetic amongst the success that most merely dream of achieving.

It’s nothing groundbreaking, the struggles of fame have been told time and time again- but it’s Witte’s production that aids in the track’s success. It begins with a slow jog over a simple piano and builds until its bridge when Hemmings’ vocals begin to soar, and the drums propel the listener into a 5K for their life.

Witte outdoes himself again on the somber track “Mum”, a song tinged in regret of leaving those you love behind- in this case Luke’s mother. The tension of the lyrics continues to rise until the utter explosion of instrumentals after the second chorus- perhaps the finest bit of production in most recent years.

On album highlight “Slip Away”, Hemmings unleashes every bit of emotion he has left. Singing of the fear he feels in losing the ones he loves, he recently told Apple Music that “‘Slip Away’ is about that feeling right before bed where every bad decision and bad thing you have ever done swirls around your mind. The constant ache of expecting loved ones to be out the door as soon as they see who you actually are“.

Hemmings begs his loved ones not to give up on him, practically crying on the final chorus as he sings out “don’t you leave me in this silence, when you’ve seen all my mistakes, now I’m looking for escapes like I knew I would“. It’s impossible not to feel his pain, this burden of fear that sits heavy on our chests in our most vulnerable moments.

When Facing the Things We Turn Away From is a career defining album, one in which Luke Hemmings has made with his solo debut. Raw, emotional, and often times very fun- the album has no filler tracks and demands for each song to have its own focus. The best album of 2021 is criminally underrated, having somehow gone without much media attention. Perhaps this is just what its maker wants, to create his art and still live his life- he has clearly earned it.

When Facing the Things We Turn Away From is out now on all streaming platforms!

Fresh Brewed Playlist #3

Role Model’s new single artwork for “if jesus saves, she’s my type”

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a comforting cup of Ginger tea.

Role Model has released a new track, “if jesus saves, she’s my type”, along with the announcement of his debut album RX which is set to be released on April 8th. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter, known for his brutally honest and often humorously relatable lyrics, continues to deliver what his listeners have come to expect from each subsequent release. “If I die, know she’s takin’ the wheel,” he croons over the bouncy synthesizer with a playful twist on “Jesus Take the Wheel”.

“if jesus saves, she’s my type”- Directed by Dylan Knight

Y’all make it more about the stain than who actually spilled,” ihateyouALX’s flow on his newest track “Consequences” is so smooth, it grabs you right from the first verse. The West Coast rapper’s complex lyrics are a standout over the laid-back production and demand to be intently listened to. Sit down, vibe, and take note of this rising artist who promises much more to come.

“Consequences”- Cinematography by Gage Garza

“Headphones” by Maude Latour is her self-professed love letter to music, writing in an Instagram Post that it’s an “ode to following your divine light, and your inner voice”. The 21-year-old celebrates the utter joy that comes from creating something that is completely your own and the power that comes from the moments she can put her headphones in and listen to her own art. The pop track is a reminder to take pride in what you give to the world, and frankly there’s nothing more powerful than that.

“Headphones”- Directed by Steven Mertens

Lyric of the week: “I bet you hope that we’re friends and I just hope you’re dead“- “ily <3” by Sipper

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Fresh Brewed Playlist #2

Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew!

“Y.T.D (Year to Date)” by Madeline is the perfect, beautifully bittersweet song that you need to jumpstart this new year. Her lyrics describe the dreaded feeling of drifting apart from those you were once close to and the hope that maybe some day you’ll unite again. “And I know sometimes, it just ends up this way,
go from friends to a feeling tied to a name,” the Los Angeles based singer captures the loneliness while proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in pop.

“Y.T.D (Year to Date)” directed by J. Logan Alexander

Omar Apollo’s brand-new single “Invincible” featuring Daniel Caesar off of his upcoming album Ivory is a vocal showcase for both artists as they explore the complexities of a lost love. “If I were to go, tell me would you notice me,” Caesar’s heavenly vocals open the track and instantly remind the listeners of that longing for their lover’s affection and the emptiness that is felt when it’s not returned. Along with the previously released singles “Bad Life” and “Go Away”, 2022 is set to be a huge year for Apollo once Ivory is released on April 8th.

“Invincible”- Directed by STILLZ

“When You Lose Someone” by Nina Nesbitt details the aftermath of lost love and the toll it takes on every aspect of your life. The Scottish singer first teased the song on her TikTok and after an outpouring of support by her passionate fans, has finally released the beautifully produced ballad. Nesbitt’s vocals are stunning over the piano laced track, striking right for the heart in lines like “it’s not something that just fades overnight, it’s something that stays for the rest of your life“. It’s a reminder that time can only heal our wounds, along with beautifully written songs by Nina Nesbitt.

Lyric Video: Natalie Sakstrup

Lyric of the week: “Those weekends at the beach made me feel ugly, But now all I can see is how you loved me“- Aly & AJ in “Way Way Back”

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Review- Amber Mark’s ‘Three Dimensions Deep’

Amber Mark’s brand new album ‘Three Dimensions Deep’ is out now.

Now this is how you craft an era.

The age of streaming has given artists the opportunity to release singles with such ease and velocity that the significance of an album can sometimes fall short. Off the top of my head, only recent releases by Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd have successfully been able to achieve what all artists once strived for. Every single release feels like an event.

But now Amber Mark has done the same.

“Worth It”- Directed by Amber Mark & Cara Stricker

It all began in April of 2021 with the release of the album’s first single “Worth It” which set the tone of all that was to come. Mark says the song is “meant to help you pick yourself up again and remind you just how worthy you are of happiness”.

Three Dimensions Deep takes its listeners on a 17-track journey into the cosmos as Mark searches for answers amongst the universe over impeccably produced R&B and soul influenced beats. The 28-year-old singer finds triumph within the sadness, as she grieves both the loss of a relationship and the life of her mother.

“Every single minute kills me, I know I’m healing,” Mark sings on “Healing Hurts”, her tone an aching rasp. “But healing hurts right now.”

“Competition” – directed by Amber Mark & Cara Stricker

Mark’s visuals are stunning as well, creating an atmosphere to match each single with style and poise. On the video for album standout “Competition”, which Mark codirected herself, every frame is like high level art- from its locations to its choreography. Every movement is purposeful, every shot is evocative.

Atmospheric, confident, and enigmatic- Three Dimensions Deep is a powerfully cohesive debut that never loses sight of its purpose, whether she is tossing men aside or questioning the purpose of humanity. Amber Mark has found her path, passing her wisdom down to us and sending her listeners out into our own cosmos to find our truths.

“Bliss”- Directed by Amber Mark and Satya Zoa Hyllested

Three Dimensions Deep is out now on all streaming platforms!

Fresh Brewed Playlist 1

August Royals’ new single “Kiss My Scars” is out now!

This week’s Fresh Brewed Playlist was curated with an Oatmilk Iced Latte in hand!

August Royals’ brand new release “Kiss My Scars” is sure to be your next dreamy obsession. The indie pop artist’s first release since last years “Prada” is about the journey of self acceptance and the back and forth of letting one’s guard down. The track is already gaining traction on TikTok as well so give this rising artist a listen.

“DFMU” by Ella Mai off of her upcoming sophomore album

DFMU“, the first single off of Ella Mai’s upcoming sophomore studio album is another standout 2022 release that demands to be heard. “Don’t let me down, ’cause if its love I wanna drown“, the English singer-songwriter croons over a laid back R&B production that instantly feels classic.

“Want You Like That” by Charlotte Sands

Charlotte Sands’ new single “Want You Like That” off of her EP Love and Other Lies is a standout among the new punk rock wave that pop music is currently showcasing. Her lyrics are raw and honest, singing of a love unlike any she’s experienced before in lines like “you call me yours and it sucks ’cause it’s working“.

Lyric of the week: “Saw another one’s car at the front of the house, knew I never meant much, but it’s killing me now“- Keshi in “TOUCH

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